Stålprofil acquired by Indutrade AB

Indutrade Förvärvar Stålprofil

Stålprofil acquired by Indutrade AB

Stålprofil AB is a developer, producer and supplier of steal profile systems.

Stålprofil delivers complete profile systems in steel and stainless steel consisting of profiles without insulation, profiles insulated with a broken thermal bridge or fire insulated profiles.

The profile systems are designed for glazed doors, sliding doors, partition walls, window sections, slanted window sections, glazed roof and lantern lights in offices, business premises, schools, banks, shopping centres, airports, hotels, hospitals, service homes etc. The profiles are sold globally i.e. in Europe, the U.S and Russia.

Stålprofil is located in Uddevalla, Sweden, and the business had in 2009 a turnover of €7 million. Stålprofil PK Sverige AB is pleased to have found a new owner whose intention is to develop the company in the same spirit as the founding family have. The deal was closed in March 2010 and the buyer was Indutrade AB (publ).