Dedicated M&A advisor with focus on sell-side transactions

M&A transactions

Our work entails much more than simply providing good advice. With great dedication and a strong interest in businesses, we take responsibility for the entire sales process. We actively drive the project from initial analysis and business valuation to SPA/ share purchase agreements and follow-up of potential earn-outs.

While there are numerous professional and experienced buyers in the market, selling a company is often a completely new process for a seller and something they do only once in their lifetime. Selling your company is arguably the most important deal an entrepreneur or business owner will make in their life, and there are many pitfalls in a sales process. Therefore, it is crucial for a seller to engage an experienced and professional advisor who can ensure quality throughout the entire sales process.

Weibull M&A operates according to a structured sales process divided into different phases. The process is, of course, tailored to the owner's and company's specific situation to create the best possible conditions for a successful sale for both the seller and the buyer.

Weibull M&A is one of Sweden's most sought-after M&A advisors, with over 350 completed company sales. We specialize in M&A advisory primarily for entrepreneurs and family-owned companies facing a company sale. We also have experience in corporate divestures involving large industrial players such as Schneider Electric, VBG Group, Latour Industries, and Siemens. Whether the seller is seeking a new majority owner or wishes to sell 100% of their company, we can assist in the sales process. On the buyer side, we have broad experience with industry players, industrial conglomerates, and private equity. Weibull M&A also has extensive experience in international transactions conducted both directly and with the help of our M&A network, Geneva Capital Group.

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Financial advisory

We offer financial advisory services to entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses facing future company sales or ownership changes. With extensive experience from over 350 transactions, we provide business valuations, net cash and working capital calculations, backed by substantial real transaction experience. We can provide a second opinion if you have an existing offer for your company or if you are considering acquiring a company. Nowadays, it is also relatively common for an interested party to come knocking with an offer you can't refuse. In such cases, we can provide advice and evaluation on how to handle a surprise offer.

Financial advisory services for buyers

We also offer financial advisory services to buyers to evaluate an existing acquisition target. Our services may include valuation opinions, creating forecasts and cash flow calculations, as well as calculations of net cash, working capital, and normalized working capital to ensure a proper reconciliation of a final consideration in an Enterprise Value bid.

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Succession planning

Preparing for a Future Company Sale

Preparing your company well in advance of an upcoming company sale can facilitate the sales process and create better conditions for an optimal deal. We provide guidance to entrepreneurs and family business owners on various ownership issues that should be addressed before an impending sales process. Weibull M&A has developed its own analyses that focus on value-enhancing activities that can make the company more attractive for a future sale. These analyses are conducted from a buyer's perspective to identify different factors that can influence a company's attractiveness in the market and, consequently, its value. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Advantages of working with Weibull M&A

  • A carefully developed structured process that provides security for both the seller and the buyer.
  • Thorough target audience analysis of potential buyers and access to international buyers through our partnership with the global network Geneva Capital Group.
  • Broad industry experience and high level of commitment. We take full responsibility for the sales process and project management from start to finish.
  • Quality and security - ensuring that the sales process is conducted correctly and in compliance with the law.
  • Creating a competitive situation around the company with a number of high-quality buyers to ensure an optimal deal.
  • Preparation and handling of the due diligence process using proven checklists and a virtual data room.
  • Complete process responsibility and relief for both the company and its owners from tasks related to the sales process.
  • Access to a comprehensive and experienced transaction team, including legal and financial expertise, who understand the requirements and necessary competencies in the final stages of the project, such as legal discussions and negotiations.
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