Keeplastics AB is acquired by Teamstyle Europe AB


Keeplastics AB is acquired by Teamstyle Europe AB

Weibull M&A was the seller’s advisor when Teamstyle Europe AB acquired Keeplastics AB on the first of July 2022.

Keeplastics is a niche and market-leading product company that manufactures piping bags and other complementary products made from polymer materials. Keeplastics was founded in 1998 and most sales are on export. The company, which has a turnover of approximately SEK 60 million, is based in Sweden, Norrköping and has 20 employees.

Keeplastics customer consist of well-established distributors, agents and resellers in primarily commercial kitchens and bakeries around the world. The end customer is mostly professional restaurants and bakeries, but the product is also sold successfully to private individuals via the retail trade.

Quote from CEO and co-owner Per-Owe Johansson: “We at Keeplastics are very happy that Teamstyle comes in as the new owner and helps us to gear up the company. Management and owners at Teamstyle have very relevant experience in sales and company building, which we look forward to taking part in”.

Quote from Morgan Ramstedt, CEO of Teamstyle Europe AB: “Keeplastics is a very fine company with a super fine product, and it is not often that you find companies of this size that are world leaders in their segment. We look forward to working with the management at Keeplastics and continuing the growth journey that has begun. We are very grateful that we got to take over and develop what the founders Allan & Gunilla Ejeblad developed together with the staff ”

Teamstyle Europe AB is a privately owned investment company based in Skåne. They invest in companies with good conditions to develop together with Teamstyle and where value can be added through active ownership. Teamstyle is a long-term owner and builds its companies over time with the aim of creating strong independent companies. Teamstyle’s investment focus is on small to medium-sized unlisted companies operating in the industrial sector. Usually, companies that carry out their own development, manufacturing and sales of products and services as well as system solutions for the industry.

If you want more information about the sales process, you are welcome to contact Ola Weibull, +46 (0) 76-12 60 307, partner and project manager. Anders Malmström and Sara Latrach at DLA Piper have been part of the team to handle the legal aspects of the transaction.

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