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Weibull Radgivning

Qualified advisory with a personal twist

With over 350 completed M&A transactions, Weibull M&A (Lars Weibull AB) is one of Sweden's most experienced  advisors for entrepreneurs and owner-led companies. Through our solid experience, we ensure a safe and quality-assured sales process. Weibull M&A works nationwide with offices in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm. We reach international buyers through the M&A network Geneva Capital Group. We often hear from our clients that we are professional, personable and easy to work with. We are all passionate about M&A and try to have some fun along the way.



Our services

M&A Transactions

Professional and structured M&A process - much more than just providing good advice.

Financial advisory

Company valuations and other type of financial advisory for company owners

Succession planning

Helping company owners with future ownership changes and related succession planning

Business areas


Over 350 transactions in the last 20 years

RI (1)

Reinsight AB

Reinsight AB is acquired by Redeploy Group

PMH Förvärvas Av Indutrade

PMH International AB

PMH International AB is acquired by Indutrade AB

Ptoton Caretec 730X312 (1)


Change of ownership in the Swedish floor industry


Kungsängen Produktion AB

KungSängen to partner with Litorina

Accel Littlefuse

Accel AB

ACCEL is acquired by Littlefuse.

Rubin Medical Förvärvas

Rubin Medical AB

Rubin Medical is acquired by Indutrade.